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DG Handling

Our strict value and ethical codes and complete adherence to International and National regulations ensure that we fulfil our customers’ requirements on regulations. That’s why DGM compliance service is so critical to our customers.

Packaging, Marking and Labelling

DGM india services Packaging Marking and Labelling imageOur support teams see to it that your dangerous-goods shipment is packaged, marked, labeled and placarded in accordance with the UN and other regulatory specifications. Moreover, our tie-ups with leading distributors of packing material means that you never run out of the right type and quality of packing material, no matter the size of the consignment.

Documentation and coordination with authorities

DGM india services compliances Documentation and coordinationBacked by our IT system- DG Office, our documentation team ensures that all the necessary papers including the Shipper’s Declaration are prepared correctly. As the freight world moves toward being completely paperless, DGM is well placed to process your shipper’s declaration through EDI and forward e-DGD to airlines and shipping lines.

We serve all the major industries ensuring strict compliance at every stage.

Risk Cover: All risk related activities such as packing, marking, labelling and documentation are covered by DGM’s corporate insurance coverage of Euro 17.5million thus providing extra safety net to the customers and assurance of quality of service by DGM as we are audited by the insurance company

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