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About DGM

Mr Radharamanan Panicker

Dangerous Goods Management India Pvt Ltd (DGM India) was promoted and established in India in 2006 by Radharamanan Panicker, along with Ms. Rona Shannu Ponnappa. Panicker is one of the most experienced personalities in the air cargo industry. Having worked in Marine Cargo inspection, Express cargo and Air cargo handling and warehousing, he realized that dangerous goods handling and logistics in the country needs professional touch and expertise. So he teamed up with Ms. Rona, a CHA and freight forwarder, to set up DGM in India by signing the franchise master agreement with DGM World’s Mr. Frank Pettilon in 2005. In 2006 DGM India started operation in Mumbai with two staff which has now grown to 9. Recognising the special needs of the Indian market, DGM India reoriented itself in 2017, now offering comprehensive range of services related to dangerous goods.

One-stop logistics solution for the movement of your packaged dangerous goods from plant to destination.

  • Freight forwarding
  • Packing, marking, labelling and documentation
  • Supply of packaging material
  • Short term warehouse

Audit and Consultancy

Training in the Regulation for Transport of Dangerous goods and Logistics

Backed by a highly trained team with a strong reputation, compliance history, safety rating, experience in Hazmat management, customer service and responsiveness and thoroughness at every stage, DGM provides you the comfort of knowing your cargo is in safe hands.

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