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The Global Competence in Dangerous Goods Management

DGM World

DGM (Dangerous Goods Management Group) is a leading international organization acknowledged as experts in dangerous goods and hazardous materials.
Founded in 1987, DGM’s founding father, Frank Petillon, envisaged an opportunity to offer professional expertise to the industry to unravel the complex and conflicting regulations for the transport of dangerous goods. Using the franchise model for expansion and growth, DGM World has established the DGM brand in different parts of the world.
DGM offers comprehensive dangerous goods solutions to a large variety of customers of all sectors and industries (logistics, chemical, oil and gas, energy, freight forwarders, air, road, maritime transport companies).

DGM activities are performed in accordance with the global quality & safety requirements and standards:

  • Health, Safety, and Quality (HSQ) Standards
  • Dangerous Goods Regulations ICAO/IATA DGR, 49 CFR, IMO-IMDG, ADR and RID
  • Other compliance requirements (local regulations, customers policies)l
DGM has also now established a reputation in the field of dangerous goods management and training. With a network of training schools accredited by IATA, DGM has contributed greatly towards creating safety awareness for transport and handling of dangerous goods shipments.
DGM is today an IATA Strategic Partner and its franchisees maintain several regional accreditations: E-Licence, Costha, DGAC, Air Cargo Netherlands, etc.

DGM is well recognised by Government and International Organisation such as

  • ICAO ( International Civil Aviation Organization)
  • IATA ( International Air Transport Association) as a Strategic Partner
  • WCA Dangerous Goods (World Cargo Alliance) as member
  • FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations) as member
With 57 locations in 32 countries supporting customers as a worldwide network, DGM guarantees global range of services in dangerous goods management based on
Regulatory knowledge, Confidence and Practical Experience in dangerous goods and hazardous materials.

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